What's that all about ?

Wumwum is a window manager manager. It manages window managers so that they place your windows automatically the way a tile-based window manager (ion or awesome) would do it. This way you get the nice graphics of modern window managers and the efficiency of keyboard driven tiling-based managers. Moreover you can still use all features of the underlying manager and you keep all your keyboard shortcuts and behaviour when switching from one manager to the other. This video gives a quick overview of wumwum's features.

After one whole year, Wumwum 0.9 is out! Due to some severe wrist injury I have been prevented from coding for some time.

As usual you can get the changelog here. This release introduces many changes in wumwum. It is now faster and more stable. We don't rely on X11::Protocol anymore. If all goes well, version 1.0 will be released soon.